Northern Italy – Part III: Artful Florence


The last chapter in our Italian fairytale, Florence.

What I loved about Florence is that it has its own colours, its own distinct flavour. The hustle and bustle you would only normally find in a capital, interrupted by quiet, pebbled streets and an endless number of enchanting piazze that come to life at night with classical music concerts.

Day 6

On the first day we went off towards Piazza del Duomo. By far one of the busiest places we visited in Italy, it’s not something you would want to skip.


The Dome is so majestic that you can’t fit it all into one picture and it’s more impressive in reality than anything that might have come up on your google searches.



Hidden on one of the quieter streets behind the Dome we found the most enchanting gelateria called La Strega Nociola. An inviting space, they have a number of fresh, delicious gelato flavours in the true spirit of Italy. You can sit inside or go out in the street and take in the unique views.


Once the sugar rush kicks in, it’s only a short walk to Piazza della Signoria where you can see the Palazzo Vechio guarded by a replica of Michelangelo’s David and Loggia dei Lanzi, an open-air sculpture gallery. 


We stopped to admire Ponte Vecchio (The Old Bridge)..


Then crossed south and walked for a bit alongside the river Arno and through charming streets.


Once we conquered a stubborn hill and got to Piazzale Michelangelo we were rewarded with an endless sea of rooftops in deep warm brown hues.


Day 7

On our last and gloriously sunny morning in Florence we went to Boboli Gardens.


This was my favourite place in Florence, a permanent outdoor sculpture gallery housed within magnificent gardens with new exhibitions being showcased throughout the year.

You can’t help but daydream of living here, being able to take lazy evening strolls all the time.


It’s safe to say that after a morning walk in Boboli Gardens we were famished but luckily one of my best friends lived in Florence for a while and she recommended  Al Antico Vinaio which was perfect for a quick bite to eat before we hit the road. The place has made to order and very generous sandwiches with mouthwatering fillings. All the recipes revolve around different types of speciality cured meats and there’s no veggie option so I just asked if they could leave the meat out of mine and was very satisfied with the result (although I’m not sure how happy they were with my request).

Tired but full and happy, the perfect way to end our Italian adventure. Already dreaming of our next trip to Italy, maybe a week in Sicily? 

What places in Italy were your favourite?





  1. We were supposed to go to Florence last August but opted to go to Turino/Turin instead plus a surprise visit to Venice. Now I can see Florence from your point of view. Thanks!


    1. I would recommend Florence with all my heart next time when you’re in Italy, I absolutely loved it. I was most excited for Turin when I was planning the tour but I was a bit underwhelmed when I got there to be honest, I might give it another go winter time.
      Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

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