Wonderful Oxford


Last weekend we skipped the usual brunch and instead started our Sunday with a classical music concert at the Holywell Music Room in Oxford. It’s the oldest custom build concert hall in Europe and it’s an intimate music room with  fantastic acoustic. To be completely honest,  the morning didn’t start as magical as it sounds and everything that could possibly go wrong did but once we got there it was a lovely experience!

Afterwards we walked towards the Vaults and Garden cafe –  we discovered it simply because the concert tickets come with a coffee voucher – and it’s a cute little cafe with delicious home made, organic food and a fabulous garden with views of the Rotunda Building.

Once fuelled up on coffee, we went up the tower of University Church of St Mary to take in the fairy tale views of Oxford.



We spent the next few hours exploring Oxford (only the city center so it was mostly walking round in circles) to admire as many gorgeous colleges as we possibly could. To make it a bit more fun, try and spot all the places Harry Potter was filmed in. Is anyone else a Harry Potter fan or is it just me?

The first places we stopped at  was the Rotunda Building of course as it’s just opposite the tower.


We wandered the lovely and very busy streets.



Then went to see the famous Bridge of Sighs


We stopped by the Bodleian Library and its gorgeous courtyard which connects to the Claredon Building. There you can sign up for group tours which give you access to the parts of the building that are closed for public otherwise, you can visit the Divinity Room for its medieval architecture or check out the many great exhibitions.


At the Weston Library we saw a fab exhibition called Sappho to Suffrage: women who dared in celebration of amazing women pioneers.

There were a few others spots on the list but the weather was so nice we decided to spend some time by the Thames before heading back home. Luckily, we stumbled across the gorgeous Meadow Building on our way there.


We spent a lovely day in Oxford and the weather was on our side! I have to admit I got Harry Potter vibes all day but there’s so much to discover in Oxford even if you’re not a fan. It was so much fun to be a tourist in the UK and it’s something we plan to do a bit more this summer. What cities in the UK would you like to visit?



  1. I shamefully still haven’t been to Oxford, I’ll definitely be checking out the Harry Potter spots when I do though. Great photos 🙂

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