Shabby Chic Hastings


Is there a better way to enjoy (or escape) a heatwave than going to the seaside? I haven’t yet been convinced otherwise. We often go to Brighton when we want to get out of London and re-energise but this time around we figured we should visit a new place so we chose Hastings.

There’s so much to do and see in Hastings and it really is an authentic place full of character. If you’re passionate about history you can go explore Hastings Castle and of course Hastings Museum and Art Gallery or if you prefer art you might want to check out Jerwood Gallery. Hastings is also the perfect place if you’re an antique lover and it’s a great spot if you’re on the look out for some unique home decor pieces (think hipster, but before hipster was even a thing).

I had a long list of places to see and things to do here but because of the heat we didn’t want to cram in too much. We just wanted an enjoyable, lazy afternoon.

We started off with lunch at Taylor’s Seafood and Burger Restaurant which is conveniently located right on the seafront. It’s a cozy, chic restaurant and I have to say I was impressed with their veggie burger and of course they have a variety of fresh fish and seafood. They do amazing sharer platters so it’s a good place for groups or foodie couples!

We then wandered around the streets and stumbled across a hidden path and ended up at an amazing viewpoint over Hastings.



Once the sun started to feel a bit too much we went back down and got lost around the many narrow alleyways looking for shade. Maybe lost is a bit of a strong word as the old part of Hastings is quite small so you’re never more than a short walk away from the main street or the seafront.


It really felt like we were away on holiday with the lovely weather, the sea breeze and the seagulls (although I have to admit I’m not much of a fan of when they’re up close trying to steal my food) and the colourful flags everywhere.



Hastings has many cozy pubs, independent and antiques shops and my personal favourite, preowned book shops! We strolled down the main street going from shop to shop discovering some really cool places like The Clockwork Crow or Wrap and Weft where I could’ve easily spent all my money if we actually had any space for more things in our flat. I think our leisurely stroll was still pretty much on London rhythm as we seemed to be walking faster than everyone else so we did a few practice runs until we got it right. I also saw the coolest restaurant ever, The Boulevard Bookshop and Thai Cafe which is a preowned bookshop by day and transforms into a restaurant for the evening. I don’t think I could’ve imagined a place more to my taste even if I tried so I really want to go back and try the food there. You might know by now how much I love Thai food from our previous posts.

Since we were still full from lunch and it wasn’t dinner time yet we stopped for a drink (and for someone to watch the World Cup) at a pub called Anchor’s Inn.


Hastings is not all shaby chic though, it has colourful and modern vibes too.


Before we headed to beach we had to get ice cream so we stopped by Di Pola’s and got iced lattes to go from  Petit Fi, a charming little place that looked eco-friendly.

We spent our last couple of hours on the beach simply enjoying the sun, listening to the waves and watching people come and go before we reluctantly headed back to the car and started our journey up to London.


We really enjoyed our  lazy, food powered afternoon in Hastings and we’d love to go back to do a bit more exploring, eating and check out the art galleries.

How do you like to spend your summers in the UK? Are you a seaside or a countryside kind of person? We’d love to hear about your adventures!



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